A New Generation in Time & Attendance for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Manage Labor Costs — Save Time and Money

A timeQplus system offers you unprecedented flexibility in time and attendance tracking to perfectly suit your business needs. This versatile computer time clock system will help you effectively manage your labor costs while you save time and money on payroll preparation.

What makes timeQplus different?

The budget-friendly timeQplus suite brings functionality to small and mid-sized businesses that was previously only available in expensive, high-end time and attendance systems. For instance, timeQplus offers:

  • Wide choice of data input methods — Choose from basic PC-punch, badge terminals (proximity, magnetic-stripe or barcode) and/or biometric terminals (fingerprint, HandPunch® or FaceVerify™). You can even mix-and-match different data collection methods on the same system.
  • Job costing — Employees can record their time using work codes for easy, accurate and affordable job costing.
  • Multi-level user permissions — Limit access to data by assigning permission levels: administrator, supervisor, employee. Administrators can access all system configuration options. Supervisors can edit and approve timesheets and print reports for their assigned employees. Employees can view and print their own timesheets.
  • Multi-language support — The software and each terminal can be configured to display in your choice of English, Spanish or French.
  • And more!

This unprecedented flexibility, coupled with simple installation and easy upgrades, makes timeQplus a natural choice for businesses looking to accurately track their employees’ time and efficiently process payroll.

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