Our Customers Are Talking…

Find out what real timeQplus FaceVerify customers have to say about their experiences:

An Engineering Test Lab

“Absolutely buy it! We used to use another company’s fingerprint clock, but we had problems with it due to dirty and grimy hands. FaceVerify is touch-free, so grimy hands are no longer an issue. It’s been great to use. We love it and plan to buy more!” [Read more]
— Cathy Villari, Human Resources Manager
— Controlled Inspections, Elmsford NY

A Concrete Supplier

“FaceVerify works really well and we’re happy with it. The biggest advantage is being sure that people aren’t punching each other in. There’s no way for people to punch each other in, as they can with timecards or badges. If people are late, now we know they’re late. It wasn’t the cheapest alternative, but with the peace of mind it brings we think it was a good value.” [Read more]
— Miles Shiver
Duke City Redi-Mix, Moriarty NM