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Controlled Inspections, Elmsford NY

Source: Cathy Villari, Human Resources Manager

Background: The company is an engineering test lab, performing inspections of concrete pours, masonry, structural steel and welds and other construction-related items. They also test for lead paint and asbestos. The company employs approximately 125 people in various locations around the New York City metro area. They currently have five FaceVerify terminals and one Acroprint fingerprint biometric system in use, with plans to purchase additional FaceVerify terminals. One FaceVerify terminal is in their main office and connected to a PC; the remainder are on construction/inspection sites and are set up for remote use. Time from those terminals is transferred via the USB port and thumb drives.

As a government contractor, the company is required to verify hours worked for all employees. They knew handwritten timesheets and time cards were inaccurate and vulnerable to buddy-punching, so they wanted a biometric option.

They originally tried using a fingerprint reader from another vendor, but were not happy with it. Due to all the concrete dust and grime inherent in their type of business, the reader lens got scratched and workers had trouble getting it to read their fingerprints. Workers were reminded to wash their hands at the end of the day before using the fingerprint scanner. However, in a hurry to catch a train or bus, they would frequently forget.

They have been very happy with FaceVerify. Because it’s touch-free, the issue of grimy or dirty hands is no longer a problem. They’ve installed terminals in construction trailers at job sites and have had no problems with them.

Cathy’s advice to those considering a purchase: “Absolutely buy it! We used to use another company’s fingerprint clock, but we had problems with it due to dirty and grimy hands. FaceVerify is touch-free, so grimy hands are no longer an issue. It’s been great to use. We love it and plan to buy more!”

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