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Duke City Redi-Mix, Moriarty NM

Source: Miles Shiver

Background: The company is a concrete supplier with three locations. They currently have about 50 employees, with eight of them at the newest location using FaceVerify. (They already have ATRx ProxTime badge terminals at their other two locations, which are also working well for them. They will consider replacing these with FaceVerify if/when the ProxTime terminals eventually wear out.)

Despite the fact that a cement plant is a very dusty, harsh environment, they have had no problems with the FaceVerify terminal. Miles commented that it took a bit of work initially to get the terminal properly set up and communicating with the computer. They also encountered a short “learning experience” while they got everyone’s faces enrolled and employees figured out the best technique for clocking in and out. Now that they’ve been using the system for a while, they feel confident about enrolling new employees, and the employees are able to clock in and out without any problem.

When asked what he would say to a colleague considering a purchase of FaceVerify, Miles said, “FaceVerify works really well and we’re happy with it. The biggest advantage is being sure that people aren’t punching each other in. There’s no way for people to punch each other in, as they can with timecards or badges. If people are late, now we know they’re late. It wasn’t the cheapest alternative, but with the peace of mind it brings we think it was a good value.”

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